Tech Tuesday | What to Consider When Switching Your RV to Lithium

Posted August 18, 2020

Meet one of our RELiON experts, Chi Woodruff. Chi is a Senior Product Manager and for today's Tech Tuesday, he's telling you all about creating your personal RV set-up with RELiON batteries. Here are some questions you may have when switching your RV to lithium batteries.

Will my RV be able to charge a lithium battery?

Usually, the answer is yes. The best way to check your RV's fuse box for specifications.

Are Lithium Batteries A Drop-In Replacement For An RV?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Most RVs are on a 12V system, but some newer luxury models may be on a 24V or 48V system. Be sure to understand the system you are converting from, we have batteries for all systems.

What else do I need to convert my RV to lithium batteries?

We also suggest a method to secure the storage box, like a locking security strap or a steel lockbox.

Watch the video to learn more!

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