Customer Success Story: Mike Ray

Mike Ray made the switch from lead-acid to lithium power recently in his sprinter van. He has been able to achieve greater peace of mind since making the change due to increased usable power. If you're considering making the change or want to hear how our batteries are used in a real world application then you need to check this out.

RV Solar Panels: Everything You Need to Know

Solar panels can be a game changer for the avid RVer. We cover the basics on what you need to know before diving into a new solar panel setup. It is important to understand how solar panels work and what equipment you will need to to properly outfit your RV.

7 Electric Golf Cart Parts That Most Commonly Need to Be Replaced

As with any tool or vehicle, maintenance and breakdowns are inevitable. It is important to be aware of what parts are at highest risk of failure and what can be done to prevent the need for costly and time consuming replacements. Doing it right the first time and investing the proper amount of work into maintenance is important for long term reliability.

Tech Tuesday: Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking is an important concept to understand when looking to purchase a battery system or a new golf cart. In this week's Tech Tuesday, Simon covers the key details on how regenerative braking works and why you must have a proper battery management system in order to handle the ebb and flow of energy.

Customer Success Story: Bob Dyrda

Robert Dyrda, a RELiON customer, provided his feedback on his lithium experience and how they exceeded his expectations. If you're considering making the switch to lithium or just want more information on what you can expect this is a must read!

Tech Tuesday: LiFeP04 Lithium Battery Safety

In this week's Tech Tuesday we cover the importance of battery safety and why LiFeP04 batteries offer excellent power in a more user-friendly package. LiFeP04 batteries are both safer and more environmentally friendly than their counterparts due to their superior chemistry.

How RV Solar Works

Power can be hard to come by when you are off-the-grid. Carrying auxiliary generators can be cumbersome and they do not offer a solution to the need for power generation when you are far from any source. Solar offers a great solution to the RV enthusiast as you can generate power at all times during daylight hours. Whether you are driving down Route 66 or parked on a bluff on the coastline solar power will have you covered.

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