Lithium Solar Batteries: Backup Power Options

Posted December 02, 2015

Relion-Blog-Lithium-Solar-Batteries-Provide-Backup-Power-When-You-Need-It-Most.jpg#asset:833Lithium-ion batteries aren’t just for laptops and electric cars anymore. Today, they can also power your home. Consider the uses of lithium in storing solar power.

One shortfall of solar power systems is that they aren’t able to generate electricity without adequate sunlight. However, the new generation of lithium technology storage has addressed this problem.

Lithium solar batteries capture electricity generated by residential solar panels. With a lithium battery in your home, you are able to save the electricity generated by your rooftop system, and conserve it for a rainy day.

When To Use A Backup Power Source

Lithium battery storage systems are very useful as a backup power source during power outages. When your electricity goes out, lithium-ion technology provides you with backup power to run your lights and appliances. You'll even have complete control over when to use your electricity.

Having a backup power source also helps you combat high energy prices during peak demand hours. You'll be able to store solar power when energy rates are inexpensive and use your charged lithium solar batteries when energy rates soar.

Experts believe the long-term future for energy storage is bright. As battery production increases and technology improves, the cost of providing energy for your home decreases with a backup power solution.