3 Impactful Ways Lithium-ion Golf Cart Batteries Improve Performance

Posted March 15, 2016

3 Impactful Ways Lithium-ion Golf Cart Batteries Improve PerformanceWhen your customers are playing golf, the last thing they want to worry about is a problematic golf cart battery.

Golf carts that use lead acid batteries often cause many frustrations. For example, even on a full charge, a three-year-old lead acid battery may not have enough power to last through an 18-hole game.

Every two or three years, customers have to replace their lead acid battery, which adds up significantly in costs. They may wonder why you chose to equip your product with such a short-lived power source, especially since a golf cart is no small investment.

Lead acid golf cart batteries also charge slowly and have stringent maintenance requirements. Customers have to water flooded batteries, making sure not to add too much or too little water. Plus, overcharging a lead acid battery reduces performance and battery life span. As your application’s engineer, your goal should be to deliver a seamless product experience. That means choosing a high-quality, long-lasting power source. Fortunately, an extensive list of lithium-ion golf cart batteries is available to suit all of your specifications.

Compared to lead acid batteries, lithium-ion technology delivers the following advantages for your golf cart customers:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Lighter weight
  • No maintenance
  • 10 times the life span

Beyond this list, lithium batteries offer even more benefits. When you choose lithium as your battery solution, you boost your golf cart’s performance in the following three ways:

1. Increase Carrying Capacity

Due to their lighter weight, lithium-ion golf cart batteries increase your product’s speed and carrying capacity. Lithium batteries are half the size of lead acid alternatives and one-third the weight. That adds up to a weight difference of two average-sized adults, meaning your customers can fill every seat and still have the weight capacity for extra supplies and equipment.

2. Reduce Wear And Tear

Reducing your golf cart’s weight makes it easier for your customers to drive uphill or on challenging terrain. The golf cart won’t tear up the grass, and less stress is put on the brakes. Not only will your customers be able to brake at shorter distances, but they also won’t have to replace their brakes and other mechanical parts as often.

3. Improve Charging Speed

As many golfers will likely tell you, lead acid golf cart batteries take forever to charge. After 18 holes, it takes a full eight hours. However, lithium-ion golf cart batteries can be charged to 80 percent capacity in only one hour. Even better, a full charge only takes 2.5 to three hours.

Customers will enjoy the benefits of a more powerful battery solution both on and off the golf course. Whether they’re using their golf cart for campus security at a school, as a first-aid vehicle at a large outdoor event, or for transportation in small Florida towns, lithium-ion technology delivers the best performance. Impressed customers will return to your product line when it’s time for a new golf cart.