Data Sheets

RELiON data sheets are available for download and can be found on each individual product page.

Data Sheets

LiFePO4 Total Cost of Ownership

Do LiFePO4 batteries cost more or less than lead-acid batteries over their operation lifetime? In this analysis, we present the results of a simple calculation that compares the total cost of ownership of a LiFePO4 battery compared to three competing lead-acid technologies.

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Case Study

Sub Sea Systems, a global marine tourism company, transitions its solar-plus-storage powered boats from lead-acid batteries to longer-lasting, lighter, and more reliable lithium energy storage solutions.

Tech Videos

These videos focus on some of the more technical-related topics and questions we get asked by customers. It's intended to quickly address some of your common technical questions on lithium batteries.

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RELiON R4000 Series Documentation:

R4000 Product Specification Guide

R4000 Charging Instructions

R4000 SDS

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