High Performance Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

RELiON's RB100-HP is a deep-cycle lithium-ion battery built for starting and cycling, the RB100-HP has increased peak amps for starting motors, electric start generators and other high-amp-draw devices – plus, it doubles as a house battery, powering peripherals, accessories and more.

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Meets Mercury Engine Specifications

Mercury recently released a bulletin regarding the use of lithium batteries for starting engines. RELiON's® RB100‑HP is the only lithium starting battery that meets Mercury's new engine specifications.

Rb100 Hp Specs Mercury

The Best Lithium Starting Battery For Your Boat

"The RB100-HP as my main cranking battery that powers all of the electronics (3 including power hungry live scope) live wells, talon shallow water anchors, lights, trim ect. has performed beyond expectation. At the end of a tournament day with everything running I still have 13.2 volts. The recovery time for charging is lighting fast and the huge weight difference switching from heavy AGM's has increase the fuel economy with my outboard and overall performance of my boat. Glad I made the switch to Relion!" - Brian W.

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