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921.6Wh (72Ah) LiFePO4 battery capacity with a 1000W pure sine wave inverter capable of 2000W peak.

The Outlaw is a portable power station that puts natural power right at the tips of your fingers. The Outlaw can power the essentials while off-the-grid or work as reliable backup power when things go dark. From personal electronics to TVs and refrigerators, it's strong enough to power what’s needed, when it’s needed, and lightweight enough to take anywhere! Have power on-hand without the noise and fumes of a gas generator.

Multiple output ports mean you can plug almost any device into it. It features 4 AC, USB 2.0, USB-C, 9V barrel jack, cigarette lighter plug, and an EC5 30amp DC port. It also features an LCD screen that displays voltage, watts in/out and remaining runtime.

  • Voltage: 12.8V
  • Amp Hours: 72Ah
  • Length: 14.5 in (368 mm)
  • Width: 7.9 in (200 mm)
  • Height: 10.9 in (276 mm)
  • Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
  • Backup Power
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Solar
  • Camping




Product Specifications

Capacity 12.8V 72Ah
Weight 31.96 lbs
Dimensions 14.48 x 7.87 x 10.82
Battery LiFePO4
Lifecycles 3500+
BMS Under Voltage Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Warranty 1 Year

Output Ports

DC/PV Input DC 14.6V/Max10A Support PV 15-25V
Car Port 12V=10A
DC Port 2xDCPort (12V/7A)
DC Quick Port 1xDC 30A Quick Charger
Type-C PD 5V-6V 3A
6V-9V 2A
9V-12V 1A
USB Output USB-1/USB-2SC 5V 2.1A
USB Output USB-3 DC
Quick Charge 3.0
5V-6V 3A
6V-9V 2A
9V-12V 1A
AC Output 2x110V-9.09A, 60Hz, 1000W Continuous, 2000W Surge Peak (Pure Sine Wave Inverter)

The Outlaw Advantage:

Easy to Transport

​Convenient carrying handles and lightweight​

Long Life

Long-lasting daily use at 3500+ cycles

Safe & Worry-Free

Lithium iron phosphate chemistry that's inherently safe. The Internal Battery Management System (BMS) provides multiple layers of protection

Environmentally Friendly

Zero noise or carbon emissions during use

Outlaw Features

3 Ways To Charge

Fully recharge at home using the included AC wall charger, plug it into your vehicle’s 12V port or recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible solar panel (not included). The higher the watts of the panel, the faster the charge time (15-25V, 160-watt max)

Powering These Appliances and More

Outlaw Portable Power Station Appliances
50W Laptop

15.6 Hours

50W LED String Light

15.6 Hours

50W Mini Refrigerator

15.6 Hours

75W Portable Speaker

10.4 Hours

100W LED TV150W Electric Blanket

7.8 Hours

150W Electric Blanket

5.2 Hours

250W 1/4" Drill

3.1 Hours

350W Personal Heater

2.2 Hours

The All New Outlaw Portable Power Station

Regional Models Available

Models specifically made for the European and Australia/New Zealand markets are available.

These versions have AC Outputs specially for these regions | Please contact us directly if you’re interested in one of these models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge the Outlaw?
Currently the outlaw can be charged by AC or a solar panel. It also has a 30 amp quick charge/discharge port that directly accesses the battery if you have a standalone charger.
What related solar panel is suggested?
The max solar input is 15-25 Volts/160 Watts
How long can it hold a charge?
It will discharge at a rate of 3% per month. We recommend you charge and discharge at least once every 6 months.
How long will it last?
The Outlaw lasts for 3500+ cycles. It can last for years if you take proper care and it comes with a 1-year warranty.
How do I know if the Outlaw can charge my device and for how long?
You first need to check your device's operating power (measured in watts), if it is no more than the output power of the Outlaw's AC port, it can be supported. You can then estimate the working time by multiplying Outlaw's Watt-Hours x 0.85 / the operating power of your device. For reference, assume your device is rated at 60 watts. The estimated working time will be 921.6wh x .85/60=13 hours. Please note power consumption varies by device and the Watt-Hours of all devices in use at the same time are cumulative.
Can I use the automotive receptacle in my vehicle to charge the Outlaw?
Yes, you can but it isn’t the most efficient method. The provided 10A charger or a 15-25V 160-watt solar panel are the most efficient means to charge the Outlaw. The automotive “cigarette lighter” receptacle in most vehicles produces around 13.2V and the Outlaw‘s recommended charge voltage is 14.4V. Charging at 13.2V the Outlaw will reach 80-90% of capacity so it's good for long trips in the car on an opportunity basis.
Can I use the Outlaw to start my vehicle?
No, the Outlaw does not produce high enough peak amps to start a vehicle.

*Recharging and runtimes will vary depending on usage, power consumption rating of actual used devices and the number of devices connected to the Outlaw at one time.