Anna Kirchan

Quality Engineer

Anna is originally from Sequim, Washington and currently resides in Lake Stevens, Washington. She holds two bachelor's degrees from the University of Washington, one in Chemistry and the other in Electrical Engineering. Before RELiON, Anna worked as a lab scientist for two years developing organic transistors. Following that she worked for a Fortune 500 company as an embedded systems test engineer in the quality control department. With RELiON, Anna is our quality engineer and is responsible for developing succinct testing reports and warranty analysis reports. With the warranty reports, we will be able to more quickly find recurring errors with our batteries to provide our customers with an even better product. When she's not working, Anna plays a lot of tabletop games and tries to go hiking with her dogs as much as possible.

Fun Facts:

  • I challenge my limits by: Trying to use as few single use items as possible.
  • My favorite RELiON application: Any application where it is paired with solar. The boats, golf carts and different tools are cool, but I think the key to finally being free of fossil fuels lies in battery storage. Seeing the different testimonials from people using RELiON's batteries to live off the grid feels like proof that we're close to being able to implement it for the grid.
  • The best part of working at RELiON: The best part of working at RELiON is knowing I am a part of a company that cares about the environment and is actively bettering it. It is incredibly fulfilling to have found a career where I can help technically with projects that I believe will and have had a huge positive impact on our planet.