Customer Success Story: Kyle McFarland

Are you unsure about the costs, dependability and weight of a lithium battery? Hear from one of our customers, bass fisherman Kyle McFarland, as he shares his favorite parts of owning RELiON batteries. Dive into the blog to learn more!

Matt Organista: Tiny Home Builder, Filmmaker, Pro Athlete and Father

While fulfilling his dream of building a tiny home for his family, Matt Organista wanted to ensure that the home's battery system was safe and reliable for his two children. He chose RELiON to support his home because of the lithium iron phosphate and compact and lightweight design - perfect for a tiny home! Read more about Matt's experience and his tiny home advice.

Tech Tuesday | Lithium Battery Cold Temperature Performance

When it comes to battery operation, how they perform in cold weather must be taken into account as it can be harmful to the lifespan of your battery. In this Tech Tuesday, we look at how lithium batteries perform in cold temperatures - in comparison to lead-acid – and how RELiON solved some of the limitations that come with cold temperature charging.

Tech Tuesday | Lithium Battery Charging | Voltage Range

RELiON lithium battery specifications call for our batteries to be recharged to 14 to 14.6 volts for bulk charging and to float the battery at 13.8 volts. Many customers ask how strictly they need to observe those limits. In this Tech Tuesday, we answer this common question and discuss why.

The Low-Down on Low Speed Vehicles (LSV)

In the golf cart world, a term that is commonly used is LSV or low-speed vehicle. Simply put, it's another term for street legal golf carts. However, there are some differences between LSVs and golf carts. In this blog, we define LSVs and those differences.

Staying Positive on National Battery Day

It's National Battery Day - a day to celebrate batteries! Can you imagine a world without batteries? In this blog, we take a look at some daily treasures we are grateful for thanks to the advent of the modern day battery.

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