Frequently Asked Questions About Trolling Motor Batteries | RELiON

Are you ready to buy a fishing or pontoon boat? Maybe you own a boat and are thinking of switching from wet or AGM lead-acid to lithium batteries. In this blog, we explain why lithium batteries are so valuable for trolling motors and answer the most commonly asked battery questions for trolling motor applications.

Tech Tuesday | How Many InSight 48V Batteries Do You Need

In this video, we discuss how many RELiON InSight 48V batteries you need for your golf cart or personal transportation vehicle (PTV). InSight batteries are the perfect drop-in replacement for lead-acid as these batteries feature a SuperSmart BMS, intelligent cooling, easy installation and much more. Watch this video to learn exactly how many you need for your set-up!

Choosing The Right Battery For Your RV

Thinking of switching to lithium for your RV but unsure which battery will work best for your set-up? In this week's blog, we determine which RELiON lithium battery is best for you and the benefits of using lithium.

Fabian & Isabela: Adventurers, Entrepreneurs & Philanthropists

Read how one couple decided to leave their office jobs to travel around the world while living off-the-grid in their overland vehicle. Along the way, they've given back to orphanages throughout Latin America over the past three years. Check out who they are, their philanthropic mission and how RELiON lithium batteries power each journey.

Tech Tuesday | Premature Lead-Acid Battery Failure | Part 1

In this video, we explain how under or over-watering causes premature battery failure with lead-acid batteries and how lithium batteries completely eliminate those issues. This is part one of a two-part series so stay tuned for next week when we cover a few more common causes of lead-acid battery failure and the benefit of switching to lithium.

How Much Solar Do I Need for My RV?

Are you considering making the switch to solar for your RV and wondering where to start? Look no further because in this post we cover what you need to know to correctly calculate your solar array and battery bank needs. Check out our three easy steps that include sizing your battery bank, calculating your power needs, and determining your solar requirements.

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