Avoid These 5 Pitfalls Of Working With Small Lithium Battery Providers

The right battery is an essential component of your engineered product. In the marketplace, every product competes for the distinction of being high quality for its price point. Lithium batteries offer the greatest value, boosting your application’s performance and reducing long-term battery replacement costs.

Why Your Battery Provider Must Have Lithium Solar Batteries In Stock

Whether you’re installing a new solar energy system or your current solar battery fails, you can’t afford to wait for lithium batteries to ship from your provider if you want your system to be up and running in the next week. So, it’s frustrating when your battery provider doesn’t have lithium-ion solar batteries in stock.

Not All Lithium-ion Batteries Are Created Equal: Part 1

Lately, lithium-ion batteries have been making the news. Not all of the news has been positive. Recent “hover board” fires and all of the discussions about regulating lithium battery shipping (including FAA regulation speculation) have shined a negative light on lithium-ion batteries.

Why Universities Should Rely On A Global Lithium-ion Battery Company

When you’re in charge of utilities and energy management at a university, your power needs are significant and varied. For example, you don’t only need electricity, but also a reliable energy source for backup power. During a power outage, students wouldn’t be safe if the emergency lighting in their dorms and classrooms were to fail.

3 Vital Ways A Lightweight Marine Battery Improves Your Product

While most customers demand a boat that travels quickly and navigates easily, they may not be aware that a lightweight marine battery enhances their application’s performance. As a product engineer, you must choose your application’s battery with your customers’ end values in mind. 

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