Series vs. Parallel Connections Explained

If you're interested in lithium batteries, chances are you've heard of connecting your batteries in series or parallel. This week on the blog, we're breaking down what exactly it means to connect your batteries in series or parallel and when you might want to use one versus the other.

The Top 7 Advantages Of Lithium RV Batteries

Summer is almost here. With warm weather comes amazing summer adventures. So, what’s powering your next adventure?

Lead-acid RV batteries may still dominate the market, but many RV adventureres are moving to lithium batteries instead because they're a superior alternative to traditional batteries. The benefits of choosing LiFePO4 over lead-acid for any application are numerous. And, when it comes to your RV, there are specific advantages that make lithium RV batteries the ideal choice.

What's a BMS? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their longer life and higher performance. If you’re thinking about upgrading to LiFePO4 batteries then you probably have a few questions. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions to help you in your search.

RELiON's Various Product Series Explained

RELiON is always adding new innovative products to our lithium deep cycle battery offering. This includes, new Series lines that are specifically designed for certain applications that have unique requirements. Check out our latest blog as we explain the different RELiON Series of products, what makes them unique and the battery sizes within them.

Earth Day 2019 - Protecting Our Species

Earth Day 2019! The these this year is “Protect Our Species” which aims to raise awareness of the rapid decline and extinction of the planet’s wildlife caused by human activity. The earth is what we all have in common and it’s the one thing all of us share. We put together some easy ways to help protect it and all the creatures that share it today and every day.

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