The Best Golf Cart Batteries: Lithium vs. Lead Acid

The golf cart battery industry is realizing the benefits of lithium batteries to power all types of electric golf carts. When compared to lead-acid batteries they offer significant advantages including faster charge time and no maintenance. Plus, they last 10x longer than their lead-acid counterparts. Find out more reasons why lithium is the better choice for golf carts.

Choosing the Right Batteries for Your Overland Vehicle

Overlanding requires fine tuned systems that are up to the task of dealing with nature's many harsh environments. When looking to travel off the beaten path it is important to have the right power systems supporting you along the way. We wanted to provide a little insight into the process of choosing a battery for your overlanding outfit and why lithium may be right for you.

Tech Tuesday: Storing Your Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries make for an easy and seamless transition from one season to the next. Regardless of when your off-season may be you won't have to worry about battery prep. Lithium makes for a painless process meaning both you and your battery will be better off.

Tech Tuesday: Battery Management System

LiFeP04 batteries have a number of benefits but one thing in particular that makes them superior is their battery management system. A battery management system or BMS, ensures long-term battery health and performance.

Guest Blog: Q&A with DIY Enthusiast Joe Mooney

Joe Mooney is a DIY enthusiast that has built nearly everything under the sun. Joe recently completed a custom travel trailer that he built from scratch. He decided to incorporate a RELiON RB100 into his build and has enjoyed the many benefits of lithium power. We recently interviewed Joe to get to know him better and to see how his RELiON battery is performing.

Lithium Advantages in Your Bass Boat

Should you switch to lithium batteries in your bass boat? Many anglers today are moving from lead-acid to lithium because of the many advantages, including longer life and faster charge times. In this blog, we walk through the many benefits of lithium for bass fisherman, and list the RELiON batteries that are the ideal solution for any angler.

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