Recycling Used Batteries - National Recycling Day

We’re all concerned about protecting the environment, and we strive to do our part to reduce pollution and resource consumption. Batteries power our daily lives, so as consumers we need to be responsible and make sure they are properly recycled today and every day. Here are some quick facts around battery recycling.

Why an Off-Grid RV Duo Decided to Switch to LiFePO4 Batteries

One day Ransom and Casey from Every Road Leads to Home decided to draw a line in the sand and start living full-time in their camper van. They soon realized they needed a much better battery system to meet the needs of life on the road. They chose a RELiON RB100, a 12V 100 Ah lithium battery...and here's why.

The Total Cost of Ownership of RELiON’s Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Lithium batteries offer many advantages over traditional batteries, making them a popular option among users. However, many people shy away from lithium batteries for their application because of the higher upfront costs. But when looking at the operation lifetime of a lithium battery in comparison to lead-acid and other options, in reality, LiFePO4 batteries cost less over their lifetime than even the most cost-effective lead-acid battery. Our simple calculation shows you how.

4 Ways Lithium Batteries Power Up Solar

When selecting a battery to complement your solar system, understanding the advantages that lithium batteries have over lead acid batteries is essential. Lithium batteries offer a more compelling energy storage option in nearly every situation.

Getting Charged Up On National Battery Day

Batteries can be found in virtually every household item – remote controls, phones, smoke alarms and toys. They even help us power important equipment like our cars, boats, lawn mowers and more.

Observed each year on February 18th, National Battery Day is a day to appreciate the convenience batteries provide to our everyday lives. 

What is LiFePO4 and Why is it a Better Choice?

All lithium chemistries are not created equal. In fact, most American consumers – electronic enthusiasts aside – are only familiar with a limited range of lithium solutions. The most common versions are built from cobalt oxide, manganese oxide and nickel oxide formulations.

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