Tech Tuesday: Charge Time Lithium vs. Lead Acid

Posted October 21, 2019

Welcome to this week's edition of Tech Tuesday where Simon breaks down lithium battery charge time and how they stack up against lead-acid batteries. We cover the efficiency rates of each battery and how this effects both charging and usable power. Plus, find out if you can use your existing lead-acid charger with RELiON batteries.

Tech Tuesday | Charge Time | Lithium vs. Lead Acid


Hey everybody, welcome back to another edition of Tech Tuesday. Today we're going to talk about charging your RELiON lithium battery. We often get asked how long it takes to charge a lithium battery which is a great question because it highlights one of the advantages of lithium power. The good news is LiFeP04 batteries can be charged in as little as one hour but we recommend a charging rate of two hours or more. This is due to the efficiency rates of lithium batteries in comparison to lead-acid. Lithium batteries are more than 95 percent efficient whereas lead-acid are eighty to eighty-five percent efficient. This efficiency means that you have more usable power as well as a faster rate of charge. Lithium batteries can also handle higher amperage from the charger cutting down on time to charge. Lead-acid batteries, however, can only handle a limited charge current as they will overheat if charged too quickly. With lithium power you no longer have to worry about long charging times before the tournament grinds or trips in remote areas. You can be charged up and ready to go in a matter of hours.

A follow-up question we often receive is whether or not your existing lead acid charger can be used to charge a RELiON lithium battery. Most likely, yes, you can continue to use chargers for conventional lead-acid batteries such as a GM and GTL. Most chargers today have a lithium charge profile which is what we recommend using. We do not recommend the use of a flooded charge profile with our batteries. These chargers may reach the over voltage protection limit and disconnect. It won't damage the battery but will likely result in charger faults. We also recommend that before using any charger with RELiON batteries you first verify the charge profile is within our specifications. This can be found in our charging instructions document under the resources tab on our website. Be sure to review that prior to charging your RELiON battery. Hopefully you found this edition of Tech Tuesday helpful. If so give us a thumbs up below. See you next time.