The Best Golf Cart Batteries: Lithium vs. Lead Acid

The golf cart battery industry is realizing the benefits of lithium batteries to power all types of electric golf carts. When compared to lead-acid batteries they offer significant advantages including faster charge time and no maintenance. Plus, they last 10x longer than their lead-acid counterparts. Find out more reasons why lithium is the better choice for golf carts.

Upcoming Electric Car Batteries Can Recharge Faster, Last Longer

Electric cars are still a growing force in the automobile market, despite low gas prices in the U.S. for the last two years. The industry is seeing research innovations and consumer demand equally propelled by the desire to maximize green energy opportunities and harness the potential of autonomous vehicles.

Which Came First: Lithium-ion Technology Or Tesla’s Electric Car?

It seems impossible to tune out the buzz that Tesla is making in the automotive world. Equally impressive is the impact rechargeable lithium batteries are having in the energy world. You might believe Tesla’s dominance is leading the charge in lithium, but lithium-ion technology’s authority in the power sector has been longstanding.

5 Ways Lithium-ion Batteries Improve Your Electric Golf Trolley Sales

Electric golf trolleys and golf caddies are popular overseas, and starting to gain a major following in the U.S., particularly with golfers who enjoy the benefits of walking the course. Trolley manufacturers and vendors are using lithium-ion batteries to build on this trend, delivering superior products that increase sales.

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