7 Electric Golf Cart Parts That Most Commonly Need to Be Replaced

Posted January 02, 2020

7 Electric Golf Cart Parts That Most Commonly Need to Be Replaced

Whether you're playing one of those epic courses like Nullarbor Links in Australia that's 850 miles long or your more typical 18-hole deal like the 7,600-yard U.S. Open course Erin Hills, you want your golf cart to run in tip-top shape.

This includes keeping your golf cart serviced and staying on top of replacing parts before they break down or when they're ready for replacement.

But what are the electric golf cart parts to stay on top of, you ask?

To help answer your question, we've put together a list of the seven parts that are most often in need of repair or replacement. Keep reading to know which parts to keep an eye on and some best-maintenance practices.

Then, take a look at your cart, replace your parts that need it, and get back on that course and enjoy your game!

1. The Controller

The controller determines the power that's going to your motor. It's like the brain that manages the information coming from the ignition switch and going through the batteries to the motor.

The motor of your golf cart can last a long time. We're talking up to 30 years. But people often replace the controller to get more power or if it breaks down.

New controllers tend to do well, but you may have golf cart controller symptoms and issues if you have an older model.

Time and use can cause wear and tear on your controller to the point that it needs to be replaced. Wiring issues can also cause problems with your controller.

Be sure to find the real culprit as replacing the controller of an electric golf cart is expensive relative to the replacement of other parts.

2. The Battery

The battery is one of the golf cart parts that most often need replacement if you're using a lead-acid battery. With lead-acid golf cart batteries, you need to check the water and clean your battery each month. You'll also need to clean off any corrosion that appears. On the flip side, lithium golf cart batteries require no maintenance and have as much as ten times longer life than lead-acid counterparts. Meaning you will likely not need to replace your lithium battery for many years to come.

If you currently have a lead-acid battery powering your golf cart, when it's time to replace it, don't skimp on cost. Look for a high-quality battery -- like a lithium battery -- that will last you and keep you driving with the power you want.

3. The Battery Cables

Battery cables are another part that often needs replacement on golf carts. They can get frayed and break down from use and age.

Corrosion also appears on battery cables and can be an issue for the cables. When you clean corrosion off your battery, be sure to do the cables as well to lengthen their lifespan.

When you replace battery cables, again high quality is your best bet. Go for the high-strand-count cables to get the best quality cables.

4. The Solenoid

The solenoid is the gatekeeper of the current that goes from your battery to the motor. When you press the pedal to the metal -- your electric golf cart accelerator that is, the solenoid opens the current. When you take your foot off the pedal, it stops the current so it doesn't reach the motor.

Since the solenoid is in action all the time, it's one of the parts that go bad often.

Corrosion is an issue again here, so keep that solenoid clean. Another culprit leading to a bad solenoid on a golf cart is loose wires. A broken internal coil is another problem to look out for in determining if you need to replace the solenoid.

5. The Suspension

Feeling all the bumps of the course in your ride? Hearing noises when you go over the bumps? Looking at your cart and seeing it sag in the front or back?

It may be time to replace your golf cart suspension or one of the parts that make up the suspension. This includes the leaf spring, shock absorbers, and struts.

The good news is that if you're out there on the bumpy terrain causing that wear and tear on your suspension, it means you have your priorities right and are working on your game in all earnestness!

6. The Ignition

Lose your golf cart key? You're not alone! Many a golfer loses his or her key and typically needs a replacement.

The ignition is also a part that often needs replacement. Issues with the ignition arise due to extensive use and wear and tear. Sometimes the issue is in the wiring behind the ignition.

7. The Exterior

A nice-looking cart maintained well feels great on the course and can build your overall game confidence, which is why the exterior parts are often replaced by golfers that take their game seriously.

Wear and tear and weather often lead to scratches, dents, and rust on the body of your cart.

Golf cart covers also often get tears and need replacement. The weather is a culprit here too. Even the glorious sunshine you love so much will cause the color of your cart cover to fade over time.

The windshield of your cart may need replacement if hit by pebbles or low branches. Windshields also sometimes crack from going over bumpy terrain.

Keep Your Electric Golf Cart Parts in Great Shape

Now that you know which electric golf cart parts typically need replacement, you know which to keep your eye on to maintain your cart in good shape.

Do any of your parts need replacement? You can find most parts online or through a professional golf cart mechanic.

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