Hear What RELiON Customers Have to Say

RELiON lithium batteries power the way for many adventurers. From life on the road to life on the water, lithium batteries are helping people challenge their limits. Hear what some of our amazing customers have to say about their experience using RELiON batteries.


Full-time RVers: Fate Unbound

"Our experience with RELiON and their LiFePO4 batteries has been very positive from the very beginning. While installing our two RB200 batteries into ourRV I had some technical questions and was connected directly with a RELiON engineer who answered themquickly and thoroughly.Now, nearly a year later, we are still 100% satisfied with the performance of our RELiON batteries. We live in our RV and travel the country full time staying almost exclusively in remote locations with no hookups.So we rely on our batteries every single day to power our entire RV. My wife and I use our laptops for many hours each day managing Fate Unbound and she working a remote job. So not only do we depend on our RELiON batteries to provide the comforts of home, but quite literally to maintain our way of life."- David J. Hiser, Fate Unbound


RV Travelers: JonesN2Travel

"We love to boondock and enjoy nature and our Relion LifePo4 lithium battery upgrade has been a game-changer. Relion'slithium technology provides us complete freedom to live off-grid in our RV. No more battery anxiety and, without a doubt, the best money we've ever spent on RV upgrades. I can honestly say we will never own an RV without Relion Lithium batteries. Thanks, Relion for changing our RVing lives." - Aaron Jones, JonesN2Travel


Charter Fishing: Palm Valley

"Anyone that needs to save weight, space should own Relion Lithium batteries. Relion Lithium power output is unmatched when comparing to wet and AGM batteries. As a backwater guide saving weight and having unlimited power for my trolling motor makes my day easier. I will never go back to lead-based batteries again." - Capt. Leon Dana, Fishing Guide


Pro Angler: Patrick Walters

"There’s mainly two things that are always consistent in bass fishing, it’s that things are going to CHANGE & something is going to BREAK. And that is why I run RELiON Lithium batteries in my tournament boat! For those times on the road and out on the water when everything is changing and money is on the line, there is no question in my RELiON batteries! They are going to perform and push that extra mile to help me succeed on and off the water. As I fish over 200 days a year and depending on if I make it back to the dock or not is how I make my money, reliability, and performance is everything and that’s why I run RELiON Lithium batteries and leave the questioning for everyone else!" - Patrick Walters, Pro Bass Fisherman


InSight Battery: Golf Car Installation

"Purchased two 30AH Insight Batteries and Battery Monitor. All items were meticulously packaged and arrived in only 3 days. Tracking and Product Installation instructions were included in print and by e-mail. A few remaining questions were promptly answered by phone and e-mail. I completed installation on a Club Car Precedent in about a day including some custom mounts. These batteries are truly state of the art "smart batteries" with on-board management and SOC indication. Their initial performance has been outstanding. The weight reduction of 400 lbs to 88 lbs (with charger on board) makes the cart feel light and fast. There is no going back to high maintenance lead acid batteries. I have yet to test the range of the unit, but I feel confident already that even though the initial cost is higher, these lithium batteries are the best life cycle proposition for this application. Kudos to RELiON." - Rick R.