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Just Released: InSight 24V Lithium Battery

Our InSight Series™ 24V lithium iron phosphate battery is a GC2 sized drop-in replacement battery that was designed specifically to meet the power and energy requirements in floor machines, electric motorized hand trucks, walk-behind pallet jacks, and other material handling applications.

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RELiON Joins Delta-Q Technologies’ Battery Compatibility Program

We're pleased to announce that RELiON is part of the Charged By Delta-Q Program, meaning RELiON offers integrations with Delta-Q as part of a curated network of tested and compatible battery and charging solutions. Through the program, OEMs can view tested RELiON algorithms with Delta-Q. RELiON's lithium battery products were iteratively tested and validated by Delta-Q’s team of engineers.

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Blue Battery. Blue Sky. Blue Ocean.

Limitless Blue is our long-term mission to reduce our impact on the planet and use our business for a force of good in everything we do. We, along with our customers, live and breathe adventure and relish the opportunities that our planet provides. Our tagline, Challenge Your Limits, reflects our philosophy to push yourself to greatness. As such, we donate 1% of our annual net revenue to nonprofit organizations solving the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

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Wherever you need efficient power—on the golf course, in the city or on the open sea, trust premium lithium iron phosphate batteries to deliver reliable performance every time.

Why Switch to Lithium?

Longer life, no maintenance, and faster charging are just a few of the advantages lithium has over lead-acid batteries. Making it an exceptional return on your investment for years to come.

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Our passion for quality, innovation and changing the lithium battery
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do. Through hard work and humility, talented teams trained to the highest
industry standards, and genuine care and concern for our partners, we
know RELiON can help drive your business forward.

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Meet a RELiON Trailblazer

RV + Van Life

Sydney Ferbrache

Divine on the Road

At the age of 24, Sydney Ferbrache left her boyfriend and quit her job to travel across North America in a van with just her dogs. Prior to full-time van life, Sydney worked all through college to save as much money as she could because she knew she wanted to explore the world further but wasn’t exactly sure how. She eventually discovered van life through social media and decided to take the plunge in order to live a simpler life and maximize travel time.

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Watch our Tech Tuesday videos for the latest technical information related to lithium batteries.

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How Long Does it Take to Charge a Lithium Battery

Find out how long it takes to charge a lithium battery, whether or not you can use your existing lead-acid charger and how to go about doing so properly. You can also view our page on all things charging related here.

The Difference You Experience With Lithium

In this Tech Tuesday, we discuss the differences you experience when using lithium compared to lead-acid batteries. We compare everything from installation to weight and speed. Watch the full video to learn more about the benefits of switching to lithium.

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Your RELiON Battery purchase supports our planet as we donate 1% of our sales to environmental nonprofits.

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In the News: RELiON Partners with Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus has added RELiON’s lithium battery products in select stores across the U.S. With increasing consumer demand for lithium batteries, Batteries Plus aims to provide customers with an alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries as lithium batteries are inherently lightweight, have a longer life and charge quickly, among many other benefits.

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